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Re: NFC: RE: Re: Shipping of fish

"We" being the indivuduals/business who are shipping live items...

Chris Perry, Owner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, Chris Perry wrote:
> > Yeah, but the "federal reguations" are really screwing us over, they 
> > put any thought into this new law, rule whatever.
>Dig out the old pen and paper and write to your senators and your US
>Representative and the Vice-President and the President of the USA and the
>chief of the USPS. The loudest voice gets heard.
>Don't use email - they get so much, they just ignore email.
>Sajjad Lateef   email: sajjad <at> acm.org
>Chicago, IL     web: http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/

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