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Re: NFC: RE: Re: Shipping of fish

The PO here sees me every weeks shipping packages with live animal labels on 
it.  How do I work around that?  Thanks,

Chris Perry, Owner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>Work around it.  Don't write on it LIVE ANIMALS, or such.  and if
>questioned simply say it's water samples (has worked for me for 13
>Sachs Systems Aquaculture
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>St. Augustine FL  32084
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>Subject: NFC: Re: Shjipping of fish
>Robert writes:
> > The USPS informs me it no longer takes live animals.  Unless this
> > the trading of fish may well be over anyone else heard this it is a
> > law that went into effect Tuesday NO LIVE ANYTHING except insects !
>They won't even ship insects.  I was scrambling to feed my collection
>of old
>world chameleons when my regular shipments stopped coming.  I now have
>use UPS or other courier.
>There seems to be two different problems:
>1) FedEx refuses to ship live animals.  The USPS has a deal with FedEx
>handle all air deliveries, and this is a sticky point they are trying
>work out.
>2) Many of the major airlines that the USPS (and other couriers) uses
>starting to buckle under pressure from animal rights groups, and
>refusing to
>ship live animals.  There is legislation pending for some subsets of
>(such as poultry chicks) to continue shipping but nothing sweeping
>would help us out anytime soon.
>The whole thing is a real mess.  Since I'm trying to turn my chameleon
>into a business, it is particularly frightening to me.  Sure I'll
>still have
>herp shows but this is going to put a real dent in my ability to
>market my
>animals on a national level.  I'm also likely going to have to farm my
>Reverend Christian J Hedemark II
>Hillsborough, NC
>"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little
>will lose both and deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin

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