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NFC: Re: Shjipping of fish

Robert writes:

> The USPS informs me it no longer takes live animals.  Unless this changes
> the trading of fish may well be over anyone else heard this it is a new
> law that went into effect Tuesday NO LIVE ANYTHING except insects !


They won't even ship insects.  I was scrambling to feed my collection of old
world chameleons when my regular shipments stopped coming.  I now have to
use UPS or other courier.

There seems to be two different problems:

1) FedEx refuses to ship live animals.  The USPS has a deal with FedEx to
handle all air deliveries, and this is a sticky point they are trying to
work out.
2) Many of the major airlines that the USPS (and other couriers) uses are
starting to buckle under pressure from animal rights groups, and refusing to
ship live animals.  There is legislation pending for some subsets of animals
(such as poultry chicks) to continue shipping but nothing sweeping that
would help us out anytime soon.

The whole thing is a real mess.  Since I'm trying to turn my chameleon hobby
into a business, it is particularly frightening to me.  Sure I'll still have
herp shows but this is going to put a real dent in my ability to market my
animals on a national level.  I'm also likely going to have to farm my own

Reverend Christian J Hedemark II
Hillsborough, NC
"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little order,
will lose both and deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin

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