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Re: NFC: Re: Shipping of fish

Thanks, that really helps!  My customers will be happy...So if I send stuff 
via Fedex I will be OK?  Thanks,

Chris Perry, Owner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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> > Problem with that is the fish go in non-pressurized holds and explode.  
> >  happened to me a couple of times.  I think we should wright fragile, 
> >  put in pressurized hold (or something like that)...Thanks,
> >
> >  Chris Perry
>No regular air freight normally goes in unpressurized aircraft, and
>particularly no USPS mail. Some air-freight companies do not provide any
>*heat*, though. For larger aircraft, I think the pressurization is an
>essential part of the structural strength, but there are no big aircraft
>(other than military) that I know of without mandatory pressurization.
>The heat problem is worst on polar flights, so I label those boxes
>"Please do not deck load." Even in a heated cargo area, the skin can get
>mighty cold over Greenland. 1" plus of bottom flat newspaper is a pretty
>good idea, too.
>The cabin pressure (freight or people) is allowed to go up to around
>4000-5000 ft equivalent. Overfilled bags will often explode when that
>happens. [We easily see the problem driving across the Sierras with full
>potato-chip bags.] Don't pack tight, like the lfs does, or you will
>surely lose them.
>The clue is to *always* double bag to remove any corner traps and to
>leave the bags a little bit soft to allow for that expansion. Use long
>bags that you can tie off, avoiding rubber bands if possible. Use only
>enough water to barely cover the fish and as much air as possible (3:1
>or more). The larger air volume is good for the fish and cushions the
>bag when expanded so it may even be a bit more resistant to blowing out.
>"Breather" bags need no air, but must be packed so they don't touch, and
>usually in material that will wick water away if they leak. They require
>far more water for adequate surface area, too. At least they don't burst
>from air expansion. I will not use them, but some folks swear by them.
>YMMV. [Most useless for fish with spines, like J. floridae, madtoms,
>cichlids, etc.]
>I prefer 1.5 mil (0.0015"thick) 4"X18" bags for small individual fish.
>They fit perfectly in pairs inside a 1.5 mil 6X18 bag. They can be tied
>off to be about 6-7" long and a *lot* will fit in a small styro inside a
>fitted cardboard box. [Avoid bare styros. Can't tell you how many I have
>received crushed in and wet with the last of the fish water leaking
>out.] An outer thin kitchen garbage bag can catch any small leakage
>water and keep the leaking bag from completely emptying. Never, ever,
>pack the bags against anything absorbent, like newspaper or even plastic
>popcorn. Fish in a puddle may survive, but not if dried out.
>1.5 mil fish bags have been known to keep a small killy alive for up to
>a month, so they *do* breathe a bit, BTW. They just don't have some of
>the problems that come with regular "breather" bags.
>That's my US$0.02
>650 856-4245 879 Clara Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94303. jwwiii at pacbell_net
>Don't question authority. It rarely has good answers.

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