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Re: NFC: Re: Shipping of fish

From what I understand from my local post office happened was that North
West Airlines crushed a shipment of baby chicks, and somehow PETA caught
wind of it, and threatened to protest/embarrass North West if they did not
stop the transportation of live stock in their cargo shipments. North West
then told the USPS that they would stop the transportation of live stock.
The post office said no we have a contract with you and North West agreed to
start the shipments again after a few days. During this time some shipments
of livestock got delayed or shipped backed to the sender and some local
postmasters began to refuse all live stock parcels but it was not the
national policy of the post office. Also during this time Fed-Ex reached a
deal with the post office to begin sub-contracting most if not all of the
Priority and Express Mail Shipments, this deal was in the works long before
the North West Airlines problem.

This all happened just before Sept. 11th and the tragedy of that day. Since
then the airlines have been crippled and have cancelled many flights which
is causing many problems with mail service. Also the heightened security has
led to even more delays. My post office said that they hope to have
everything worked out in the next few weeks. With Fed-Ex coming on board it
will help out a lot. In the mean time go ahead and ship out your fish just
pack them good in Styrofoam, don't label them as live stock and keep your
fingers crossed.


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> Chris Perry wrote:
> >
> > Probably.  It's not the PO that turns the items down, it's the air port
> > my case)...Had 6 packages returned last week...RRRRGGGGG.  I gave USPS
> > e-mail asking if there qas a special permit that could be bought to ship
> > live items.  Still waiting for a response.  You realise that the means
> > more petstores????
> Naah. They get theirs via UPS. [You just can't meet the requirements
> they have for packing (they think).]
> The situation is much worse for the folks who must get their baby chicks
> this time of year.
> The USPS *has* sent the local POs a note to refuse live shipments until
> they get NE Airlines straigtened out (I *think* that was the culprit).
> [Recent events have no doubt made things worse.]
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