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Re: NFC: Re: Shipping of fish

Chris Perry wrote:
> Probably.  It's not the PO that turns the items down, it's the air port (in
> my case)...Had 6 packages returned last week...RRRRGGGGG.  I gave USPS an
> e-mail asking if there qas a special permit that could be bought to ship
> live items.  Still waiting for a response.  You realise that the means NO
> more petstores????

Naah. They get theirs via UPS. [You just can't meet the requirements
they have for packing (they think).]

The situation is much worse for the folks who must get their baby chicks
this time of year.

The USPS *has* sent the local POs a note to refuse live shipments until
they get NE Airlines straigtened out (I *think* that was the culprit).
[Recent events have no doubt made things worse.]


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