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NFC: Re: Shjipping of fish

I mailed out several packages of fish with no problems yesterday. But I do
never tell the post office what is in them. I usually label the box as "Live
Plants Keep Warm" and they give you no problems. There is always some sort
of live plant in my shipments even if its just a piece if duckweed in a fish
bag so I am being honest. Also for about $2.00 you can get a styro minnow
bucket at Wal-Mart/K-Mart. This is a perfect size for a few fish bags and
the styro is very thick and strong. It fits perfectly into  French fry boxes
which you can get for free at McDonalds/Wendy's Etc. I have found this
method to work even better than stryos from a fish store as they smaller and

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> The USPS informs me it no longer takes live animals.  Unless this changes
> the trading of fish may well be over anyone else heard this it is a new
> law that went into effect Tuesday NO LIVE ANYTHING except insects !
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
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