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Re: NFC: Why the AAT rules

Tank should arrive at the librry in 2-3 weeks ....let us know how it goes

Robert Rice
NFC president

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:32:45 -0700 "Chris Perry"
<fishystuff00 at hotmail_com> writes:
> Hi,
> Everything is squared away on this end for the tank.  I will be the 
> one who 
> takes care of it.  If I decide to display any in any other places, I 
> will 
> recruit the care-taker to you guys..  Did that make sence at 
> all??Let me 
> know when the tank shipps...Thanks,
> Chris Perry, Owner
> E Fish Solutions
> fishystuff00
> fishystuff00 at hotmail_com