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NFC: Why the AAT rules

Chris  asked why does each project have to join the NFC. Doesn't my
membership count for something ?

That is a good question and let me take a moment to discuss it.

Three years ago when the NFC was first started we had little
accountability and provided equipment as we could for AAT or breeders
projects etc. Well what we found is that a large % of those receiving
equipment never joined the NFC and sadly often just took the equipment
for personal use. For example we once had a teacher  who got 100's of
fish and 100's o dollars of equipment that he was adding to his personal
collection all the while telling us he had joined and the check was lost
and this project was going on etc...sadly none of it was true. We got
scores of Ill join the NFC if you give me XYZ. Well you know what they
are not the type of people we are looking for they are bottom fishers
wanting to trade a membership for stuff.

There were  literally dozens of NFC "members" who got free fish for
public displays that turned out to be neither public or displays. They
came on this list and took advantage of our good nature getting free fish
and disappearing  into the night changing e-mail etc...

So basically If someone does not think a donated 100$ public display tank
is not worth the10$ NFC membership and an agreement to the ez NFC rules
well we don't need em. Heck we can give away equipment all day, but what
is the point if it does not educate and lead us farther along the
conservation road ? So we have built in very reasonable accountability.
Bottom line if they don't think our efforts are worth joining then we
don't think their pet project is worth paying for :)

Robert Rice
NFC president