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NFC: Fw: Request for Assistance

help in NM needed

Robert Rice
NFC president

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From: "Steven P. Platania" <platania at unm_edu>
To: president at nativefish_org
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:18:57 -0700
Subject: Request for Assistance
Message-ID: <192557784.1000919937@spp2001>

Dear Sirs,

My name is Steven Platania and I am an ichthyologist whose primary
is with native fishes of the American Southwest.  Much of my recent work 
has been centered around the reproductive biology of obligate riverine 
cyprinids in the Rio Grande and Pecos River.  These studies have provided

us with background life history and reproductive ecology information on 
several species and helped to illuminate reasons for their decline.  Most

of this work has been with species that produce broadcast semibuoyant
(pelagic spawners) that hatch rapidly (24 - 48 hours).  Rio Grande
minnow and Pecos bluntnose shiner are, among others that we study,
of this reproductive guild.  We are now in the earliest stages of 
investigation of other rare native New Mexico fish species.

I would like to locate an individual or individuals in the Albuquerque
Mexico) Area with knowledge and interest in rearing and breeding of
fishes from the American Southwest.  I am also looking for individuals
have experience photographing live native freshwater fishes both in
and the wild.

Over the next few years, my colleagues and I will be working on projects
the Gila and Pecos Rivers that will involve breeding experiments with 
native fishes (primarily minnows).  While we will initially attempt to 
induce spawning of selected species through the use of chemical stimuli,
would ultimately like to be able to have these fish spawn in aquaria on 
their own - an important step for recovery of these rare natives. 
the holding nor natural breeding of native fishes is my forte. 
this seems like a perfect match for members of the Native Fish

Likewise, most of my experience with fish photography has been with 
recently preserved specimens (I am permitted for such activities).  I
to begin, along with a colleague of mine at the NM Game and Fish 
Department, to acquire quality transparencies of New Mexico's native fish

fauna.  What we do not want to do is "reinvent the wheel."  I have seen 
numerous excellent color photographs through your web page by individuals

that I assume are members of your society.
Hopefully, there is someone in Albuquerque (or New Mexico) with these 
skills and a willingness to share that knowledge.

I would be grateful for any assistance that you might be able to provide.

I would not expect you to provide me with names and e-mail addresses of
Mexico (Albuquerque) members of the society.  However, I would be
if you would pass this correspondence onto them so that they can contact 
me.  I will also be posting a similar message with North American Native 
Fish Association.

If you can provide assistance (in the form of individuals), and we are 
successful in our endeavors, I would certainly acknowledge that
and if you desire, would prepare an article and/or provide photographs
your web page or society publication.

Thanks you for your time.


Steven P. Platania


Steven P. Platania
Associate Curator of Fishes
Division of Fishes
Museum of Southwestern Biology
Department of Biology
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131

platania at unm_edu

505 277-6667 [office - voice]
505 277-6005 [museum - voice]
505 254-1168 [home office - voice]
505 232-9560 [home - facsimile]