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NFC: Fw: Missouri Sunfishes


Robert Rice
NFC president

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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 21:46:20 -0700
Subject: Missouri Sunfishes
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Bob, I have three 75 gal tanks with nothing but Missouri Stream fishes.
They are all set up like a Missouri stream with large rocks, underwater
caves,driftwwod, etc. They are awesome and beautiful. I have large
crawfish for scavangers, Long Eared Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Creek Chub
Minnows, Largemouth, Bluegill, and Green Sunfish. Of course only the
smallest of all these varities. They are so entertaining to watch when I
come home from my business. Have double large Model 400 Emperor Power
Filters on each tank. 

My Question is:

Do you know of anyone in the Missouri area or other areas who sell the
Orange Spotted,Blue Spotted,Etc, etc. and maybe the little Johnny Darter.
Basically any of the little small sunfishes. 

I would like to expand much bigger next year into this unique hobby. This
is such a treat. I will never go back to Tropicals of any size. People
are missing the boat here. With the right lites some of these look like
Salt Water Tropicals. 

I could go on and on on the many things I have learned from having these
Freshwater Fish and these ever amazing Crawfish. 

I am 65 and people say I am going back into my childhood. I look for the
back streams and low water bridges with the deep holes looking for large
crawfish hiding under the boulders. 
When I find them, I pull out the Pole with the big old hunk of bacon and
drop in front of them and hope for a few. Some of these are a real
challenge. Much much fun. When I get an extra large one I get as excited
as the guy with a lunker bass. Would appreciate any help on this.
Thanking you in advance. Herb

My email address is pastime at accessus_net 

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