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NFC: Fw: Which of these rivers is not like the others?

Robert Rice
NFC president

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Date: Fri,  7 Sep 2001 16:02:49 -0400 (EST)
Subject: Which of these rivers is not like the others?
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Help us Save The Missouri at http://www.SaveTheMissouri.org

Like most people, I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and boating or 
just enjoying the view when I visit a river. But one of our nation's 
most famous rivers, the Missouri River, is in trouble. 
Did you know the Missouri River - the "Mighty Mo" - is the longest 
river in America? 

It's also the river that carried Lewis and Clark west on their 
historic journey. But today, Missouri River fish and game are 
imperiled and some native species even face extinction. 
That's why we're launching an Internet campaign to tell the Army 
Corps of Engineers and the Bush administration to restore the Mighty 
Mo's heartbeat and save the river's fish and wildlife! 
Will you help? Just click here to send a free email:     

Right now, dams on the Missouri River are preventing the natural rise 
and fall of water levels in order to support a miniscule amount of 
barge traffic. 

To save the Missouri River, the Army Corps must change dam operations 
to allow more natural river flows. This would not only help fish and 
game and endangered species; it would help local communities by 
boosting recreation and tourism. 

Today, you have a rare opportunity to tell the Army Corps and the 
Bush administration to do the right thing. 

It only takes a minute to help. And if you forward this message to 
your friends and family, we'll really get the ball rolling. 
Thanks for your help, 

Rebecca Wodder 
American Rivers 

http://www.SaveTheMissouri.org is a project of American Rivers and is 
supported by conservation groups throughout the Missouri River Basin.

Thank you robertrice at juno_com for helping to protect and 
restore America's rivers.

To contact American Rivers, send an email to Rebecca 
Sherman at outreach at amrivers_org or call 202-347-7550.

To update your information, please visit: 

Encourge friends to become an online river activist, by visiting 
www.americanrivers.org/takeaction.  To become a member of American 
Rivers, visit www.americanrivers.org/joindonate 

Join the nation's online river community at www.americanrivers.org 
for free online resources, toolkits, and ways to unite with other 
activists on your important issues.  AOL Keyword: American Rivers

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