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Re: NFC: fish euthanasia

Why not just let it go into a stream?  A simple, fast cut right behind the 
head is fast and painless.  Another, less bloody way is to just put them in 
the freezer (make sure that they have water).  Not sure how humane that is 

Chris Perry, Partner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>                                I need to perform euthanasia on a fish, any 
>good humane methods. I read that putting the fish in a small container of 
>water and dropping in alka seltzer works, but I'm not sure. The fish isn't 
>sick, it was my fault, put it in my tank and it was bigger than the other 
>fish. Two days later my small, one inch sunny, was missing, and the new 
>fish was looking a little well fed. The fish in question is a sunfish, but 
>the closest ID I can come up with, was that it might be a green sunfish, 
>bass like jaw. It's about 3 and a half inches long, and he was starting to 
>eye up my darters. It's in a separte container right now, I can't keep it, 
>hate to really end his fish life but I guess I have to.    I guess there 
>are green sunfish here, Southeastern PA, caught in a small creek that feeds 
>into the Delaware river that is only a few hundred yards away.
>          Terry
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