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Re: NFC: Auction ID questions

I was the one who posted the immatation daphnia.  I have absolutly NO clue 
what it is.  It's alot like daphnia, but swims in smooth motions, not jerky 
movements.  Also very small and dark black.  I've sent it to two scientists 
for identification, both were stumped.  If someone can prove to me what it 
is, all profits made off of this item will go to the NFC.  Thanks,

Chris Perry, Partner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>Questions from a lurker. :) What would the species be for ...
> > LOVE IT!)
>There are a lot of daphnia species and there are even several genus of 
>Related small crustaceans - Cladocerans - are also pretty numerous and as
>pointed out cheerfully accepted by many fish.
>Also what species would the Metallic Fundulus  be?
>An interesting aspect of this and several other lists, is about the time 
>thinks they know a lot, they are reminded how much more there is still to
>Thanks and all the best!

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