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Re: NFC: RE: NFC Auction

Item #13 are fish.  Twinspot otto are like the reg otto, except are brown.  
Very interesting little critters!  Also very rare.  Did I say the right 
thing, or is item #13 something else.  Thanks,

Chris Perry, Partiner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>I will bid $ 12.00 on item #4
>Item #4 Bid Jim C. at $10.00
>(1) Plankton Start up kit:
>Including Daphnia magna starter culture, 200 micron screen with
>handmade sieve, powdered plankton feed, and eye dropper.  Minimum bid
>$8.95 - price includes shipping.  (all proceeds to NFC minus Shipping)
>And $ 2.00 on item #10
>ITEM #10 - No Bids
>Bid Starts At $2.00
>Shipping Via Priority For $4.00
>Please tell me more about item #13 - size, description, culture
>requirements, etc.
>ITEM #13 - No bids
>1 Twinspot Otto
>Bid starts at $2.60 (More may be bought)
>Shipped Via Express For $20 or Priority for $7.00
>  Thanks
>ghemsath at att_net

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