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NFC: Re: Revisiting the past

If you can find it the book "Aquarium Book for Boys and Girls" by Alfred
Morgan is a great book. It was published in 1959 and again in 1964 by
Scribners Publishing. I have had mine since the late 1970s when they
consolidated two elementary schools in my town and had a big book sale from
the libraries. Aside from being a great aquarium book for kids, the author
encourages kids to go collect native fish, and amphibians to study them.
Like I said it would be hard to find but I bet some library has it

Wally B
Corry, PA
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> Well, the urge was finally irresistable.  I bought my granddaughter a copy
> of _Fish Do the Strangest Things_, which I found on bibliofind.  From past
> discussions I know that a LARGE portion of list members had this book when
> they were kids.  And it is just as fascinating today as it was back
> Prost,
> Martin
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