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NFC: Sheeps Head Minnow

Hi All,

I was looking through the auction material and noticed that there are sheeps 
head minnow up for auction.  I inquired with my wife if it were alright if I 
got rid of the bed so I could set up another aquarium, but it seems I won't 
be getting any new fish at this moment.  I have liked these little killies 
since my trip from New Orleans to Florida on the coast collecting fish.  I 
brought several back with me to Mo and had them for a little over a year 
until I had to move and gave them away.  Ok, enough rambling, the reason I 
am writing is that the NFC website does not have a picture up for this 
species.  I was wondering if anyone who had a picture would be willing to 
post one.  My wife has never seen them, and I would love to show her this 
little gem.


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