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Re: NFC: minnows

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Mongoose6790 at aol_com writes:

<< i posted a while back but got no answer i am still trying to find out what 
 kind of minnows i have any get some  info on them all i know is there left 
 over fishing minnows  i would like to breed them i have been breed bettas 
 three years and these just seem to inserts me i am a youngster in the fish 
 business (i am 12)

For identification, Peterson's Guide to Feshwater Fish is the place to start. 
 Your local library should have a copy.  If not, ask them to purchase one.  
If you wants to purchase one, try Half Price Books, if there is one in your 
area.  I recently purchased a Peterson's Guide to Geology there for $2!

If you are still having trouble, try asking a science teacher at school.  
Take the book with you.  Once you know what type of fish it is, you can learn 
what the breeding habits are.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, INdiana USA