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RE: NFC: New tank cycle

Sorry to just jump in and be contradictory but vacuuming the tank should
have no effect on the bacteria.  They live primarily on the hard surfaces in
the tank- not in the water or detritus.  As for the test kit- from what I've
heard the kit is inaccurate if there are chloramines present.
Been lurking/member for a couple of years and keeping fish for 40+

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in vacuuming your gravel you are removing the
denitrifying bacteria, give them a chance to get
established, there cant be that much to vacuum yet

--- nickel55 <nickel55 at worldnet_att.net> wrote:
>                                     This is kind of
> a long message but here I go. I have a 38 gal tank,
> artificial plants and  artifical tree roots, pea
> gravel for my substrate, Eheim 2213 cannister
> filter, and a 4 inch air stone to agitate the water
> surface. I collected 4 fish to get my tank started
> and since they are on the small side I figured 4
> would'nt be too many. 2 Tessellated darters, 1 brown
> bullhead, all just under 2 inches, and 1 young
> sunfish, about an inch long. They were put in the
> tank on August 7. I had no ammonia traces until
> August 14, with a reading  of 0.25 ppm. On August 15
> the water was a little cloudy, I assume this was the
> "bacteria bloom" and the ammonia reading was still
> 0.25ppm. A note here back on the 12th of August I
> did  a 10% water change. On August 17 the ammonia
> level was now 0.50. On August 19 did a 20% water
> change, and also vacuum the gravel at this time. By
> August 22 the water is clear and has remained that
> way. Did another 20% water change on August 26 and
> vacuumed the gravel. The ammonia level is still
> reading 0.50, I guess the good thing is, it isn't
> going up, but should'nt it be coming down soon.  I
> know, from what I have read that the nitrogen cycle
> takes a while, is this normal at this point. The
> test kit I'm using is made by Aquarium
> Pharmaceuticals, put tank water in a vile, 8 drops
> of solution #1 and 8 drops of solution #2, shake it
> and wait 5 minutes. Now I think I gave everyone out
> there more info than just my name, rank, and serial
> #.
>                            Rookie fish head,  Terry

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