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NFC: Re: Re: Auction starts now, so let's go~(:>))

I'll go $40.00 on this:
 START: SATURDAY, 090101 at 12:01 AM
 END: SATURDAY 090701 at 11:59 AM
 BIDS are made by email to mailto:nfc at actwin_com and use the item # to
 place a bid on that item.
 Seller's are responsible to receive payments from winning Bidders, and
 forward donation to NFC.
 Reports of bids will occur once a day.
 Sellers Please Note which Items are yours.
 Buyers if you have questions regarding certain > Item # 2 (1) Hardcover
Book brand new Inland Fisheries ecology and
 management retail
 $129 isbn# 92-5-104545-3 (100% to the NFC Price Includes delivery...)

JiM C.