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NFC: Re: Auction starts now, so let's go~(:>))

I'll start this one at $10.00:
 Item #4 (1) Plankton Start up kit:
 Including Daphnia magna starter culture, 200 micron screen with
 handmade sieve, powdered plankton feed, and eye dropper.  Minimum bid
 $8.95 - price includes shipping.  (all proceeds to NFC minus Shipping)

This one starts (for me ) at $2.00:
ITEM #8 - Microworms (Smallest I Have To Offer)
Bid Starts At $1.00
Shipping Via Priority For $4.00 Or Reg Mail For $1.50

This at $2.00
ITEM #11 - Greenwater Starter
Bid Starts At $1.50
Shipped Via Priority For $4, Via Reg Mail For $2.00

This at $32.00
ITEM # 18 -6-Blackbanded- pair of Metallic Fundulus - 4 tadpole
Chrysotus-3 sticklebacks-6 Rainwater killies[Lucania Parva]-6-Sheephead
Minnow [Cyprinodon Variegatus]shipped priority mail postage $12 Min.
bid $30

This is the way to go!  JIM C.