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Re: NFC: New tank cycle

in vacuuming your gravel you are removing the
denitrifying bacteria, give them a chance to get
established, there cant be that much to vacuum yet

--- nickel55 <nickel55 at worldnet_att.net> wrote:
>                                     This is kind of
> a long message but here I go. I have a 38 gal tank,
> artificial plants and  artifical tree roots, pea
> gravel for my substrate, Eheim 2213 cannister
> filter, and a 4 inch air stone to agitate the water
> surface. I collected 4 fish to get my tank started
> and since they are on the small side I figured 4
> would'nt be too many. 2 Tessellated darters, 1 brown
> bullhead, all just under 2 inches, and 1 young
> sunfish, about an inch long. They were put in the
> tank on August 7. I had no ammonia traces until
> August 14, with a reading  of 0.25 ppm. On August 15
> the water was a little cloudy, I assume this was the
> "bacteria bloom" and the ammonia reading was still
> 0.25ppm. A note here back on the 12th of August I
> did  a 10% water change. On August 17 the ammonia
> level was now 0.50. On August 19 did a 20% water
> change, and also vacuum the gravel at this time. By 
> August 22 the water is clear and has remained that
> way. Did another 20% water change on August 26 and
> vacuumed the gravel. The ammonia level is still
> reading 0.50, I guess the good thing is, it isn't
> going up, but should'nt it be coming down soon.  I
> know, from what I have read that the nitrogen cycle
> takes a while, is this normal at this point. The
> test kit I'm using is made by Aquarium
> Pharmaceuticals, put tank water in a vile, 8 drops
> of solution #1 and 8 drops of solution #2, shake it
> and wait 5 minutes. Now I think I gave everyone out
> there more info than just my name, rank, and serial
> #. 
>                            Rookie fish head,  Terry

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