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Re: NFC: Native/Temperate plants

She might try sagittaria, vallisneria, hornwort, elodea, bacopa.  All hardy 
plants, all easily available, either in local waters, from a lfs or via 

One of the good things about hornwort is that it doesn't usually root in the 
aquarium, and it's tough, so it's hard for fish to mess it up real badly.  
And, in my opinion, it looks pretty good!

All the plants listed above are very inexpensive, as well.

One the mailorder vein, I'm hearing good things about this business, no 
minimum, excellent service.  Haven't yet patronized them but hope to soon!




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>Subject: NFC: Native/Temperate plants
>Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 13:58:50 +0000
>Hi all,
>I don't know how many of you remember a fwd that was put up here by Robert
>last week some time.  A lady in CT. was putting together a tank in her
>classroom and asked for some advice and assistance.  I responded to her
>request, and hopefully I am helping her and not just overwhelming her with
>ideas and advice.  :-)  Well, she and I have reached an area that exceeds 
>knowledge, and we are not just talking about women.  She would like to keep
>live plants in the Aquarium.  My knowledge here is limited so I turn to you
>all.  She has a 20 gallon Eclipse from Marineland.  It has 2 light bulbs
>which I recommend she switch to 2 full spectrum/daylight quality bulbs.  
>will be keeping some wild collected blue gill a small wild bullhead catfish
>and a crawdad.  Does anyone have any suggestions on plants for this set up?
>I recommended to her duckweed and a maybe a temperate lily of some type.
>Any suggestions or advice on plants in the temperate aquarium would be well
>received by her and me.  Also, if you know a source for these plants if 
>are not easily collected in the NorthEast, please don't hesitate to say so.
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