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Re: NFC: New tank cycle

Hi Terry,

I only have a minute before going to work, but I wanted to send a reply to 
your question.  Sounds to me like you are doing fine in many regards.  As 
for the ammonia still being present there are a couple of things that might 
help your situation.  First of all you might want to find out if you have 
any nitrites in your water.  That is the biproduct of breaking down ammonia 
and will tell us if you are cycling at all.  Secondly, I never vacumn the 
gravel when I am cycling a tank.  The gravel is the subrstrate on which a 
lot of bacteria could be growing, and it is better left undisturbed, at 
least at first.  Now, to offer a little advice about getting your tank a 
little head start.  If you have a friend who has a healthy tank, you simply 
need to borrow some gravel from him.  I have found that this works best in a 
small section of pantyhose tied off so the gravel doesn't escape.  A cup or 
two of gravel placed in your aquarium for a week will introduce plenty of 
bacteria to help get your tank cycled.  Make sure that the tank you are 
getting the gravel from is 'disease free' and has been for a long time, 
maybe a year or more.  It sure won't help to introduce bacteria to break 
down ammonia and three different parasites at the same time.  I have used 
this method of cycling for years, and I have found it works very 

I hope this helps,


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