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NFC: Hubbsi help

Hi again  Rob,
My business partner's wife is a 4th grade teacher. She should be able to
use the tank in her class. I will let you know when it arrives. Thanks.

Hubbsi are really starting to grow fast. 1" now and starting to school
with the pair of adults. I drained the second pond yesterday that had an
adult pair of pumpkinseeds and 3 male plus the remaining single female
hubbsi. Lots of young sunfish but no young hubbsi (adults looked fine). I
wonder if the presence of 3 males interfered with breeding, as the males
constantly competed with each other for the lone female's attention. The
adults are 3 years old now and I doubt they will make it through another
winter, but if young reach sexual maturity next spring I will try and put
2 females with only a single male and 1 pair of sunfish in each of two
900 gallon ponds.

Has anyone else that received the hubbsi from you succeeeded in getting
them to reproduce??? If they had luck or not I would be interested in
hearing how they handled them, as you can learn from failures as well as

Dave S.