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NFC: Time for an Auction....

All good points :) but let's add a few more items to this list for the
"manuel" auction coming up

START: SATURDAY, 090101 at 12:01 AM
END: SATURDAY 090701 at 11:59 AM
BIDS are made by email to mailto:nfc at actwin_com and use the item # to
place a bid on that item.
Seller's are responsible to receive payments from winning Bidders, and
forward donation to NFC.
Reports of bids will occur once a day.

Items presently posted:
100% to the NFC Price Includes delivery...

ITEM #1  (1) 2lb worm pack includes delivery retail $28.95 (100% to
the NFC Price Includes delivery...)

Item # 2 (1) Hardcover Book brand new Inland Fisheries ecology and
management retail
$129 isbn# 92-5-104545-3 (100% to the NFC Price Includes delivery...)

Item #3 (1) Lot of 10 Blue Gill(They're suppose to be anyway) 1" to 2
" Average size.  Minimum Bid $10.00.  Shipping and handling
responsibility of buyer -  $5.50 box + actual shipping charges for at
least 2 day delivery either FedEx or UPS to your location.  (all
proceeds to NFC minus Shipping & box)

Item #4 (1) Plankton Start up kit:
Including Daphnia magna starter culture, 200 micron screen with
handmade sieve, powdered plankton feed, and eye dropper.  Minimum bid
$8.95 - price includes shipping.  (all proceeds to NFC minus Shipping)

70/30 Split 70 being the seller items....

A few more (ummm.. let's try for at least four more items ?)
Please submit your Auction items ASAP :)

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