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	I do it too. I have a 20g tub on the patio with some killies. 
I don't change the water often since I have about 5 gallons of Vesicularia
dubyana (java moss) in there too. The mosquitos, however, do not hit the
water and are not highly attracted to the light (as much as moths and


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, BILL HOPPE wrote:

>        I think I've solved my live food needs . At
> least 90% of it . I still add some worms to the mix .
> What I did was to move my 55 g to the outside of my
> back living room window on the deck and added a small
> electric light .  Every night is a feeding frenzy .
> The madtoms are not a bit light shy then .They hit a
> good size moth like a great white . All my Sugar Loaf
> Creek fish are in that tank . Its a real pleasure to
> watch thru the window while the Darters nail the
> mosquitos . An hour and a half of light gives them all
> they can handle . Less time than that most nights . In
> the morning I run a net across the top of the tank to
> remove excess beetles and moth wings , take out 2
> buckets of water , pore the buckets into my tomato and
> pepper potted plants on the deck and then top the tank
> with fresh water . Everybod is happy but I have the
> feeling someone will tell me I have disaster in the
> making . Any dire experiences with such a thing ?
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