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NFC: Re: pygmy sunfish

You might want to contact D. Sanchezzie he is the resident know it all on everglades pygmy's
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Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 5:24 PM
Subject: NFC: pygmy sunfish

I have some pygmies that were caught on the wekiva river just up from Katie's
although they do in the main look like evergladie there are a few "others"  
these are body type as the evergladie but in the main they are mid brown in
colour with darker brown mottling.
i would imagine that these fish are males as they are very aggressive i think
there are a few females as well they are beige with mid brown mottling.
they are all in the same tank together and are very different in appearance
from the evergladie
any one got any ideas??
john apistogrammas at aol_com