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Re: NFC: What am I?

My 2 cents:  Subgenus Etheostoma.  What's in the variatum group out your way . . . let's see.

My guess:  Etheostoma variatum, the variegate darter.  If you can properly overwinter it, be prepared for some of the most brilliant breeding colors you've ever seen long about Feb-late March.


Wally Billingham wrote:

Ok all you "experts" out there Can you help me ID this fish? Forgive the poor picture, but it has an orange chest/belly and its blue on the sides with brilliant red spots on it. It kinda reminds me of a Greenside Darter but it has all of those red spots which I have never seen on one before from the same body of water (French Creek in NW PA) I thought for a while that it might be a color variant of a Rainbow Darter as well but it looks very different from the other rainbows from the creek as well. Its in my quarantine tank right now but will be moved soon. He is about 3 inches long right now as well. He likes whiteworms but eats flake foods and just about anything else I put in the tank.

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