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Re: NFC: RE: Time for an Auction....

Ebay also charges a portion from sales... That could be added to initial bid
but I do agree with RR that we should give Mark's AquaBid site first choice
of our auctions.. Robert and I have done a lot of work and had quite a few
discussions with Mark about our auctions in the past and he is more than
willing to help us with them... I even put one of our auctions on AquaBid a
long while back and it seemed to work ok however....
With the new members that we have that havent expereinced a "manuel" action,
I think we should give them the excitement and commaraderie of bidding
against other members at least once before going to the "Auto" mode..... I
would still be doing the auctions if I had the time as I enjoyed watching
everyone's bids and comments ... Maybe in the future......???  My 2 for
whatever its worth !!
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas

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Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:17 PM
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> Nice research Paul....
> Looks like a private auction on either site would be good. So shall we
> make it an NFC only auction ? Or perhaps dare I say a public auction that
> include memberships say for all bids over 17$ ? Just some things to
> bounce around...
> In reality the manual auction while fun for many causes list membership
> to drop dramaticaly due to the volume of posts that non bidders have to
> sort through...So I'd like to try an auction on one of the two sites and
> see how it goes. I'd prefer Aquabid because I figure Mark has done a fair
> amount to help us over the years so we should send him some bussiness if
> we can...
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org
> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 13:30:49 -0400 "Paul Sachs"
> <deano at aquaculturestore_com> writes:
> > I've looked over Aquabid and just finished EBAY.