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RE: NFC: RE: Time for an Auction....

I've looked over Aquabid and just finished EBAY.  Either are usable
options.  We can use ebay or Aquabid, and some thoughts on the matter
are below.

#1/2  Ebay can be set up as private auction or general and the
category that fits is "Home & Garden > Pet Supplies".  It would make
things easier overall doing it this way.

#1  If we use Aquabid (Ebay), then each "seller" should register
themselves, and submit their items.
We could demark those items by using the PREFIX "NFC" to start the
subject line (item description) and the terms(Unless made private)...
30/70 split, all to NFC or such, as well as shipping cost is added to
the item individually.. If we use the same prefix, we should be able
to pull up all the auctions for NFC using either's search

#2  bid made would be kept up and noticeable at a glance :)  no extra

#3 items can go on sale at the will of the seller.

#4 Exposure to NFC would be excellent.

#5  Downside:  Aquabid makes their money off of postings as well as
Sales?  Then this will add cost to the items.  Of course if this is
similar to EBAY, then why not just add that to the price or handling,
or donation.

#5a  Seller's will need a credit card (I know for Ebay, but Aquabid
probably too.)

#6.  Does Ebay carry live animals?  I'll go look.  They do: go look:::

That is if a private auction can be done, or only bidders from NFC.
If that's possible, then why not do it that way, and each seller can
post their own items, and bids will be updated automatically (whatever
Aquabid (Ebay does.)  Or, if we desire more exposure, then it  would
generate exposure to NFC.

I'm all for supporting Aquabid as well.

Last comment:  If a manual auction is desired, then I will be posting
once a day to the list.

Manual Auction to start 090101 12:01 AM and go until 090701 11:59 PM

If Ebay auction or Aquabid auction then let's discuss a little more..
Or we can do a pilot auction and see.  I haven't look much at Aquabid,
but I will sign up this evening, and explore a bit more.

I remember you mentioning Aquabid before RR.   If so, any light on the
above content from that quarter?  Or, open the auction to the public,
and go for the advertising as well?


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Wait until the auction you'll see.
>I vote for manuel, more fun that way....

>Who's Manuel?

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> >I vote for manuel, more fun that way....
> Who's Manuel?

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