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NFC: Fw: Ready to start a tank in Ct...

Robert Rice
NFC president

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From: Ken & Nancy Rawn <knrawn at neca_com>
To: president at nativefish_org
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 21:45:22 -0400
Subject: Ready to start a tank!
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Hi- Last spring I was inspired by reading the book Fascinating
Freshwater Fis (John Quinn) in which the creation of a native tank is
described with ease and in great detail.  All smmer my son and I have
been scouting the small pond created by beavers in our lower stream (it
then spills over the beaver dam enters into a 10 acre lake) and have
delighted in watching bluegill fry grow to one inch or more and have
made small observation tanks for a day or two with just a bubbler.
    Well- now he and I want to establish a tank in my Montessori 4th
thru 6th grade classroom here in eastern Connecticut. I went and set up
a 20 galllon tank, have tested the pind water where we plan to take the
fish from for both PH and hardness and have adjusted the water
accordingly.  I called the local DEP biologist to get info on
regulations andl licenses I might need.
    So, I was on the cusp and then I found your website!  Of course I
was disappointed that I had put out all the money myself  already- but I
was also thrilled to see that other people are doing this important type
of teaching!  My objective for my students is to learn about the ecology
of their own backyard and work to apply that learning to a larger
scale.   I admire the ethics of your organization and was happy to learn
for example that I should never return my captives to the wild.   Now I
want to slow down and get the help of your organization.  Please write
back and tell me how I can perhaps get funding to maintain the tank,
(the equipment needed seems to go no and on!)  and how can I get a
mentor? (I am a nature lover, not a biologist!)   I would be happy to
join and comply with your list for creating a safe and ecologically
responsible tank. I am an avid observer and learner and am good at
documenting what goes on in my classroom. So I'd be happy to share my
    Hope to hear from you soon.