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NFC: Re: Aquabid all the way!

    You only listed three out of several reasons.  #1) you maybe right on
that point.  #2) I noticed the amounts that are bided on Aquabid and they
are about the same,  The only way we could bring in more monies is to go the
way of Ebay, then we would also get ore noticed world wide.  #3) Nice idea,
Mike Bennet (SP? Right name?)  you reading this?  Just my thought before
bed, so Good Night!   JiM C.
PS I like bidding on a small org auction, it's fun seeing members try and
out bid each other, (I also do bid a lot on E-bay too)
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I would think that on aquabid it would be better for several reasons,

#1)More exposure for The NFC. There are a lot of people that visit aquabid
that don't know about the NFC and we may get some new members from the

#2)More people means the bids get higher and so the NFC gets more money.

#3)Aquabid has a very good auction system with feedback ratings and the like
already in place so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Maybe we could get
a special page just for the NFC auctions. This might even be a good idea to
have a "charity" auction board as a permanent feature of aquabid. Other
Not-for-profit groups like aquarium clubs could use it on a rotating and
reserved basis. This would bring more interest to the clubs and more
visitors to aquabid its a win win situation.

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