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Re: NFC: Couple Questions, errr few questions

There is a secret handshake, we just haven't shown it to Sajjad yet.


Sajjad Lateef wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, K M wrote:
> > First, what is aquabid?  I have a good understanding of the 'manual'
> > concept.
>         Website. Http://www.aquabid.com run by the good folks from Fish
> Link Central. Conducts auctions online.
> > Secondly, is there an 'official' membership to the NFC?  Are there monthly
> > dues, initiation rites, or secret handshakes?
> Yes, you can get the form from the website. Fees are very little $10 per
> year which you can pay from the website via credit card. Initiation rites
> involve using dip nets and sienes and occasionally canoe paddles in
> imaginative ways. There is no secret handshake that I know of but we can
> make one up just for you. <grin>
> > Third, are there any AAT programs running in the southwest Mo section of the
> > United States?  I would like to see one in action and talk to some people
> > about it.  I have placed aquariums in schools where I have worked, and some
> > of them contained native fishes.  I am very interested in getting involved
> > in this program.  I know there is some information at the website, but what
> > about all of you that have been involved?  What can you tell me about it?
> I like it. We have about thirty people participating right now. I have one
> tank for over a year and starting work on another.
> Feel free to start one up in Missouri.
> Sajjad
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> Sajjad Lateef   email: sajjad <at> acm.org
> Chicago, IL     web: http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/

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