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NFC: Aquabid all the way!

I would think that on aquabid it would be better for several reasons,
#1)More exposure for The NFC. There are a lot of people that visit aquabid that don't know about the NFC and we may get some new members from the exposure.
#2)More people means the bids get higher and so the NFC gets more money.
#3)Aquabid has a very good auction system with feedback ratings and the like already in place so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Maybe we could get a special page just for the NFC auctions. This might even be a good idea to have a "charity" auction board as a permanent feature of aquabid. Other Not-for-profit groups like aquarium clubs could use it on a rotating and reserved basis. This would bring more interest to the clubs and more visitors to aquabid its a win win situation.
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