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Re: NFC: Couple Questions, errr few questions

Robert Rice
NFC president
Native Fish Conservancy Application:

The Native Fish Conservancy is a 501 C3 federal not for profit organization
dedicated to the conservation and study of native fishes. We are active
locally .We are a grassroots organization that empowers and partners with
individuals and like minded groups to work locally for the greater public
education and conservation of our aquatic fauna and the rivers, lakes and
streams they inhabit.

Our quarterly newsletter the FLIER is sent to all members.  It contains
information on NFC activities, native fish conservation, fish rearing, and
collecting, breeding and greater conservation issues. Members are allowed to
place free ads in our Published Fish Wish List a forum to acquire native
fishes for home study and enjoyment.
Our WEBSITE at WWW.nativefish.org is available 24 hours a day to   people
interested in native fish conservation. It contains 100s of photos,
articles contacts and information downloadable with a click of the mouse. We
also have an active email forum that can be accessed off of the site or by
contacting the NFC list admistrator at jlw at pi_dune.net

Our many Conservation Projects including The Exotics Removal Teams, The
Adopt a Tank program, The Breeders Club and MANY small grass roots projects
and partnerships all across the country.

For example did you know that 70% + plus of all membership dues go directly
to conservation efforts. Not salaries or offices, but to big and small
projects everywhere. We have partnered with Schools, Libraries, State
Agencies, The Nature Conservancy and individuals too.

Check out our news section of the website at
http://www.nativefish.org/News/index.html for our latest efforts.

$10 regular rate $5 student and teacher rate
Detach the below and mail it with a check or a Money Order

To NFCs membership director:
Konrad Schmidt
1663 Iowa Avenue East
St. Paul Minnesota 55106


Want to pay via paypal ? Just send you dues to president at nativefish_org

Im Interesting in volunteering_____ Locally_________ Nationally (check one)
please contact me!

Id like to donate a little more to help the cause here is my $_______
tax-deductible contribution