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Re: NFC: Couple Questions, errr few questions

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, K M wrote:
> First, what is aquabid?  I have a good understanding of the 'manual' 
> concept.

	Website. Http://www.aquabid.com run by the good folks from Fish
Link Central. Conducts auctions online. 

> Secondly, is there an 'official' membership to the NFC?  Are there monthly 
> dues, initiation rites, or secret handshakes?

Yes, you can get the form from the website. Fees are very little $10 per
year which you can pay from the website via credit card. Initiation rites
involve using dip nets and sienes and occasionally canoe paddles in
imaginative ways. There is no secret handshake that I know of but we can
make one up just for you. <grin>

> Third, are there any AAT programs running in the southwest Mo section of the 
> United States?  I would like to see one in action and talk to some people 
> about it.  I have placed aquariums in schools where I have worked, and some 
> of them contained native fishes.  I am very interested in getting involved 
> in this program.  I know there is some information at the website, but what 
> about all of you that have been involved?  What can you tell me about it?

I like it. We have about thirty people participating right now. I have one
tank for over a year and starting work on another. 

Feel free to start one up in Missouri. 


Sajjad Lateef   email: sajjad <at> acm.org 
Chicago, IL     web: http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/

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