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NFC: Sv: AAT article...

Is it possible I could receive this article here in Denmark? Perhaps an on-line version?
To make us imspired here.

Martin Tversted - Denmark
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Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 7:05 AM
Subject: NFC: AAT article...

> Well I have almost finished our Adopt A TAnk brag article it needs a
> rewrite/edit and some pics then its off to FAMA.Then to aquarium lists
> and newsletters all over the Earth. So if you have some pics and want to
> get published with no pay. Hees your chance to get your foot in the door
> and build a resume. 
> Good Pics of a native fish tank and any kids messing in the tank wouold
> be great along with crisp public disply shots etc...
> FAMA doesnt pay for self serving posts and this one serves us well :)
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org