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The Adopt A Tank has been funded for a second year in a row by
Marineland. Thankfully with the down turn in the market they have
supported us at a good level and are now discussing makeing AAT a
permanent fixture in thier annual budget. In the past the Funds for AAT
were taken from a public outreach/aquarium society fund wich this year
has been greatly reduce. SO here is what I need from the AAT supporters
out there. First off I need updated stories and pictures. This will
determine wether funding of this worthwhile project continues. 

Second I need mentors to help in theOrlando area and I need leaders to
take an active role organizing the AAT and contacting members reguarly
for updates.

Finally FAMA wants an article so all of those pics could make it to the
big print !

101 Tanks in 2001 is our goal

30 down 71 to go !

Robert Rice
NFC president