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Re: NFC: Fundulus Chysotus Sellers needed.

I think I can add one more scope this issue. Being a mud stomping member of
the Exotic Removal (group? team?..??).
http://www.nativefish.org/ERP/index.html There needs to be a way of getting
rid of the small exotics, some are sold to dealers (some in the area and
some outside) and some are given for research and still a lot are eaten, (
Yes we'll eat a placo). FL laws are pretty right to the point any monies
that pass on a fish or plant you need to have a lic. or permit to do so. It
does not say that you need to make 30 or 20 percent of your income to be
into needing a  sales lic., it says any monies.  It's not like if I make 30
percent of my income from selling photos or get award monies for them I fall
in as a professional artist.  JiM C.

PS,  When are you all coming to South-Central FL for a day of cooking Placo
and Tilapia, (yes we have to go get them first),  Or does the name S-C scare
you Northern FL people away? JC

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> Boo,
> I'm sure that the NFC is probably different things to different people.
> me it's always been primarily an organization of aquarists who are also
> interested in conservation.
> Typical of human beings, we care about what we know, and we tend to get to
> know the fish that we keep pretty well.
> One of the principle benefits of being a member of the NFC is the
> that it provides us to other aquarists, and the trades and sales that we
> organize among ourselves.  That is really the only way for me to obtain
> from New Jersey or Florida, for example, since the local fish store simply
> doesn't carry them.
> So is the NFC a conservation organization?  I believe that it is.  Is it
> also an organization of aquarists who are interested in obtaining and
> keeping native fish in our home aquariums and ponds?  Of course.
> I think this is perhaps the principle difference between an
> organization, like Greenpeace or the Sierra Club, and a 'Conservation'
> organization like Ducks Unlimited or the NFC.  One views nature as an
> untouchable, unuseable ideal that humans can only destroy, usually with
> minimal contact.  The other sees nature as a valuable resource, having
> economic and spiritual importance.  I am proud to consider myself a
> conservationist, but to me, 'environmentalist' is a filthy word.
> The conservation organizations, as I see it, do a LOT more for the
> environment, by the way, than do the 'environmentalists' (please pardon my
> French!) :-)
> Best,
> Scott
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> >Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 19:32:36 -0700 (PDT)
> >
> >--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> > > Ahh yet another assumption Boo...I ask for sellers
> > > Im not selling
> > > them...you see a kinda fascinating thing occurs when
> >
> > > Ohhh and just a final note the NFC has a commercial
> > > license in 5 states
> > > florida being one of them so If we wanted to we
> > > could :)
> >
> >I am sorry, Mr. Rice, my assumption was that NFC was a
> >conservation group not a fish dealership.
> >
> > > See Trout unlimted for similar response
> >Is Trout unlimited also a fish dealership? I did not
> >know that.
> >
> >Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
> >
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