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Re: NFC: Fundulus Chysotus Sellers needed.


I'm sure that the NFC is probably different things to different people.  To 
me it's always been primarily an organization of aquarists who are also 
interested in conservation.

Typical of human beings, we care about what we know, and we tend to get to 
know the fish that we keep pretty well.

One of the principle benefits of being a member of the NFC is the connection 
that it provides us to other aquarists, and the trades and sales that we 
organize among ourselves.  That is really the only way for me to obtain fish 
from New Jersey or Florida, for example, since the local fish store simply 
doesn't carry them.

So is the NFC a conservation organization?  I believe that it is.  Is it 
also an organization of aquarists who are interested in obtaining and 
keeping native fish in our home aquariums and ponds?  Of course.

I think this is perhaps the principle difference between an 'Environmental' 
organization, like Greenpeace or the Sierra Club, and a 'Conservation' 
organization like Ducks Unlimited or the NFC.  One views nature as an 
untouchable, unuseable ideal that humans can only destroy, usually with even 
minimal contact.  The other sees nature as a valuable resource, having both 
economic and spiritual importance.  I am proud to consider myself a 
conservationist, but to me, 'environmentalist' is a filthy word.

The conservation organizations, as I see it, do a LOT more for the 
environment, by the way, than do the 'environmentalists' (please pardon my 
French!) :-)



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>Subject: Re: NFC: Fundulus Chysotus Sellers needed.
>Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 19:32:36 -0700 (PDT)
>--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> > Ahh yet another assumption Boo...I ask for sellers
> > Im not selling
> > them...you see a kinda fascinating thing occurs when
> > Ohhh and just a final note the NFC has a commercial
> > license in 5 states
> > florida being one of them so If we wanted to we
> > could :)
>I am sorry, Mr. Rice, my assumption was that NFC was a
>conservation group not a fish dealership.
> > See Trout unlimted for similar response
>Is Trout unlimited also a fish dealership? I did not
>know that.
>Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
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