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NFC: Re: Fw: still looking for longears

Well after reading that Dale can forget the longears from alabama I was holding for him at his request.  I have collected other longears in other places for him but he didnt want them.  After I read that message I took the longears I had collected for him  from alabama and I pickled them for my collection because I am no longer willing to  devote another tank for longears three is enough.  I still have fry from southern Missouri which he didnt want and I have some from southern Ohio which he didnt want either. The places he wants them from are places I might see once a year because its up a 1000 miles round trip on a weekend and they arent always there.   As far as I am concerned he can travel the miles to collect his longears, if he can find them.
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Robert Rice
NFC president
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Hi Rob ,
 It's Dale jordan again from Winnipeg , Canada . Hope you remember me ? ( guy that had to turn the temp. up to get his Kansas male Longear to spawn ! ) I'm still having a very difficult time getting Longear color forms from the lower states ( Alab. , Georg , Miss., Ark and Tenn. ) You did get me a few people , but there has been alot of talk and no action ! ( I thought Discus people were unrealiable !!! ) If you have any or know anyone that could help me out , it would be greatly appreciated ! Hm # ( 204 ) 668 9780 .
Looking forward to your response
Dale Jordan