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Re: NFC: Fundulus Chysotus Sellers needed.

Ahh yet another assumption Boo...I ask for sellers Im not selling
them...you see a kinda fascinating thing occurs when people keep a
colorfull local species. They develop an affinity for it and
interestingly enough this could very well dovetail into the further
keeping of natives wich shockingly has been known to lead to local
activisim...Imagine a world where locals know keep and care about thier
local fauna....Ohh the chaos locals haveing input...:)

Ohhh and just a final note the NFC has a commercial license in 5 states
florida being one of them so If we wanted to we could :)

Thank You
Robert Rice
NFC president

See Trout unlimted for similar response

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 19:01:06 -0700 (PDT) Fully Prepared
<departmentus at yahoo_com> writes:
> Do you not need a commercial license in Florida to
> sell fish? Or are they from Alabama? And this is part
> of native fish conservation? Thank you.
> Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama