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NFC: Fw: Saturday at the Shaker Inn RiverDay

we would enjoy your attendance.  

August 18-19, 2001
9:30-5pm Saturday -- fun workshops
9am-noon Sunday canoe trip on Mascoma Lake

Enfield, NH
$3.50 adults, $2 children
Join us at the Community RiverDay to have fun while learning about the
the wise use of land and water.

$B7 Scheduled Workshops :    
$B7 9:30  Boat Wash 
$B7 9:30-12  Purple Loosestrife workshop 
and field trip
$B7 10    Beginner Kayak Clinic w/ EMS
Nature Walk with Ted Levin
$B7 10:30  Bugs, Slugs, and Coffee mugs 
Milfoil and Zebra Mussels
$B7 11-2   VINS Raptor Encounter        
$B7 11    Clean your boat  
Museum Garden Tour
Valley Quest
$B7 11:30  Shoreline Walk
Kayak Clinic 
$B7 1     Stone Dwelling/Chapel tour
$B7 1:30     Shoreline Walk
Boat Wash
$B7 2    Kayak Clinic
Museum Garden Tour
Nature Walk with Ted Levin
$B7 2:30    Milfoil and Zebra Mussels
Bugs, Slugs, and coffee mugs 
$B7 3       Stone Dwelling/Chapel tour
Kids Tracking Workshop
Boat Wash
$B7 3:30  Beginner Kayak Clinic
$B7 4:30  Boat Wash
o Ongoing Activities: crafts, games, radio-  control sailboats, erosion
table,  more!

o Saturday 7pm Contradance 
with Old New England, 
David Millstone caller,
Bob McQuillen video preceeding

o FOOD bring picnic or food at Shaker Inn 
* Saturday 12-2pm Deli Lunch Buffet,   
  Picnic or Seated
* Dinner--four-courses/$12.95 -- 5-6pm
* Sunday Breakfast 8-9:30 , Brunch 11-2
* Reservations preferred.  Contact
(603) 632-7810  or info at theshakerinn_com
o Reduced Shaker Museum admission $5

o Boat rentals are available through the Shaker Inn for $5/hr.  

o Directions:  Rt I-89 to Enfield exit 17, Rt 4 to 4A to Shaker Inn on
Mascoma Lake

o Save Our Lake  please remove all weeds and all water from your boats
and trailers.        For more info on Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels,
please contact
          Jim Martell at 603-632-7594

For more information and to volunteer, please reach us at:
Bonna Wieler   802-333-3549                riverfest at valley_net          
          John Taylor   603-469-3845