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NFC: Re: endangered species

Unfortunately a Joe Sixpack like you are me is not likely to get all of the
necessary permits to do this.  We'll have to deal with the common stuff for

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Subject: NFC: endangered species

> I would like to know if anyone in the NFC is keeping and breeding any
> endangerd species. I would think that would be a major goal of the
> organization since these species need all the help they can get and we all
> know how useless the Endangered Species Act is when it comes to bringing
> these species back from the brink. How many species has the government
> saved??? What a joke this program is. These fish belong in hobbyist tanks
> where they will get TLC and not trample on private property rights. The
> has its head on straight with this issue when it says the constitutional
> right of landowners are the REAL endangered species!!! it burns me up to
> think the feds are spending milliions of $$ to save fish when we can do it
> for free!
> Randy
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