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Re: NFC: endangered species

>I am afraid that the ESA has actually worked for
>species. Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are now in
>much better shape. But it is really habitat
>preservation that is the issue. Devils Hole Pupfish
>only live in one spring. If that spring is lowered
>because of groundwater pumping the fish disappear.
>That almost happened in the 1970s. But the Supreme
>Court ruled in the fish's favor under the ESA. Many
>think that is trampling property rights. But the
>habitat was preserved. It is now owned by the horrible
>US government. And the fish survive. A bad outcome?

A horrible outcome because economic developmnent was stopped and private 
property rights were trampled. People had money invested in that land and it 
was stripped out from under them because of a tiny fish that's too small to 
eat. Does that make sense???  C'mon NFC. Lets stop this madness.


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