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Re: NFC: predator or scavenger?

Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:
> Are crawfish predators or scavengers?  All my biology books describe them as
> exclusive scavengers but I've watched the ones in fish stores' feeder tanks
> picking off fish as they swim past.  Is this simply desperation because they
> don't have anything to eat, or a normal behavior?
> I'd like to add a couple to the Visitor Center tank, but if they were to
> even think about eating any of the orangethroat darters, I'd have to boil
> 'em :)...I've gotten REALLY attached to those fish.
> What do you guys know about crawfish?  I'm at a loss here....I had no idea
> how many species there were in Colorado alone until I started talking to a
> DOW biologist.

They are both predator and bait.

I've been keeping pygmies, and feeding almost 100% live foods with excellent
reproduction and growth. Bbs, black worms, etc. are all taken eagerly. [They
will eat flake, but I don't use the crap available at the LFS. My flake is
all from the aquaculture industry or places like Brine Shrimp Direct.]

They are an excellent meal of "soft-shell crab" when they molt, so I have
learned to *not* keep small crustaceans like shrimp and crayfish in any tank
with fish.


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