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Re: NFC: Re: Francis Wagner

Fully Prepared wrote:
> --- Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com> wrote:
> > At risk of sounding like an old AOL type, I'll add
> > my "me too."
> >
> > I'd like to second Luke's request to reinstate
> > Frank.
> >
> > Wright
> I wish to support my friend Frank. I support free
> speech for racists.


We don't have to *agree* to want to hear what folks have to say. Heck, I
even read messages from flaming liberals (sometimes). ;-) Even
*conservatives*, too!

All this chatter bears a lot on our chosen segment of the hobby, because of
the unfortunate tendency in recent years to abuse regulatory authority. I
can't collect or study my native fishes, and every major ichthyology dept.
has finally been run out of CA, partially by that trend. Stanford and Cal
were major contributors from N. CA and several So. CA Universities had
strong programs at one time. Now it is all moved over into AZ and NV. Even
the ocean stuff (Hopkins and Scripps) seem greatly reduced from their
earlier glory days. [My uninformed impression.]

IMHO, we need a more reasoned approach to conservation than the usual "Green
Bigot Brigade" stuff. My chosen one has been hands-on conservation through
the Desert Springs Action Committee. http://www.tkphotos.com/dsac/index.htm
[That one on the right, all hat and gut, is me.]


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   people who tend to view government as the solution to
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