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NFC: blue fin killies

i recently took some of these beauties home with me
the number was approx. 50-70 of them
the water condition was controlled by poly filter and the fish had not been
fed for 2 days
the shipment also contained some pygmy's as well
after arriving home i unpacked the fish and acclimatised them the water was
hard and a constant 72 degrees this was the same as they had been used to
3 days later i gave half the fish to a friend and kept the others
within 3 days the fish started to die off at a rate of about 1-2 a day
i now only have about 5 left but they are in very good condition. the strange
thing was they even spawned during this period
the pygmy's all survived the journey and have settled very well
they were in transit for approx. 12 hours as i come from the uk
there were no losses after unpacking or for the first few days
has any one got some  suggestions
apistogrammas at aol_com