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Re: NFC: Re: Francis Wagner


I'd just add that all humans are the same species, even though we are 
composed of different 'races'.

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>Subject: Re: NFC: Re: Francis Wagner
>Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:03:11 -0500 (CDT)
>I don't think that discussing and "debunking" common myths is considered
>"racist" or "bigotry".  To say one race is better than another would be by
>definition.  To express one's opinion on who has caused the most
>environmental damage however and the misconceptions or outright lies
>propagated because of those discussions is crucial (in my opinion) to the
>PROPER education of people of all races to the needs of our native fish
>species...no matter what continent they are on.
>As for Europeans being "exotics" or "introduced" to this continent I wish
>to say that no species of Homo sapiens originated (according to science's
>evolutionary theories) upon this continent.  All races migrated here from
>some other location.  Whether is was a migration of 12,00 years ago, 6000
>years ago, 2000 years ago or 500 years ago we all came from somewhere
>else.  All migrations made serious impacts on the ecosystems of the
>time...just ask the Wooly Mammoth.  Migration is a part of the human
>equation and what has happened on this continent is merely a reflection of
>what has happened on this planet for millenia, it is not any different
>than anywhere else in the world.  To this day, Homo sapiens from other
>parts of the world continue to migrate to this continent and will continue
>to do so for the forseeable future.  This is irrefutable historical FACT.
>It is relatively easy to look these things up for oneself, and I would
>recommend that everyone involved in this discussion do just that.  As well
>as check the dictionary and encyclopedia for correct definitions of words,
>such as "racism" and "bigotry".  That way we can all avoid confusion in
>the future.
>As a dues paying member of the NFC and one who works hard to promote
>consevation and historical accuracy for both man and beast I would like
>to request that Frank be reinstated to the list.
>Luke McClurg
>On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Joshua Wiegert wrote:
> > Keep any racism and bigotry off this list.  Francis Wagner has been 
> > from it.
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> > end
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